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Himalayan Lodge Guestbook
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May 30, 2023

What a delightful home!  Our stay was short but we loved every minute we got to spend here - enjoying all the art and personal touches.  We felt so welcome and comfortable.  Thank you for sharing your unique home with us.

— Deb, Connecticut

August 2, 2022

Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.  Took us back in time to another age.

Richard and Antoinette - New Mexico


September 20, 2020

What a beautifully soft landing we made.  This adventure is a much needed respite, and we are grateful.  As we pack and prepare for our departure, we look back on what we fondly have called “the cottage” and are so happy to have found such a warm and welcoming haven.  Our nearly four full weeks journey escapade in downtown Ann Arbor will always bring fond memories, and we won’t soon forget them.  Thank you, Heather, for allowing us to use your beautiful home as a refuge.  It truly was.  Everything was perfect!  May God always bless your each and every journey.

The Martins - Michigan


August 15, 2020

Heather, Frank and I had a wonderful time in this magical house.  Just the place to escape the reality of COVID.  We needed a break, and the warmth and caring of Ann Arbor provided just what we needed!!  Frank is a Gopher and I am a Mizzou Tiger so even though we aren’t in home territory, we enjoy the spirit in Ann Arbor.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us.  We wish you health and happiness.

Beth and Frank - Michigan


July 30, 2019

We lived in this house during my sophomore through senior year of high school.  It was my favorite of several homes where I lived during my time growing up in Ann Arbor.  It was a time when I started to come into my own.  I loved this neighborhood, being able to walk into town and my little loft in the attic here.  I never expected to be able to spend time again in these spaces.  They say you can never go back home, but I guess you can.  Thank you!

Justin - Hawaii


July 30, 2019

Dear Heather,

We so loved being back in this house!  Love what you are doing and how you are nurturing it.  Tom has written more about our history in this house for you.  Peace, love and blessings.

Emily - Colorado


July 23, 2018

We so enjoyed our stay here in Ann Arbor for the Art Fair, and your eclectic, delightful and accessible home made our trip just that much better.  A nice, cozy place to return to each afternoon.  Thank you!  We shall be back!!

Jon, Susan, Porter, Elaine - California


November 5, 2017

Having lived in South Asia and traveling many times to Nepal, it brought me back to the mysterious people, sounds and symbols of that region.  So, your house, the Himalayan Lodge, creates a travel experience beyond coming to Ann Arbor.  Thanks for creating this special place.

Kristin - Michigan


October 9, 2017

We had such a wonderful trip!  Our son (2) loved all the toys and looking at all the pictures of fun, far-off places.  We are so glad we stayed here.  Your home is inviting, warm and wonderful.

Lauren - Massachusetts



When we crossed the threshold of the Himalayan Lodge we entered a unique "other worldly" place. Whimsical...inviting...artistic...cozy...magical...a museum honoring the human spirit.  The energies of peace, laughter, love and joy permeate the space.  Sleeping and dreaming under the Tibetan Prayer Flags was a relaxing sacred journey.  Added to the experience was gracious hospitality from Heather, an excellent Ann Arbor location and off street parking.  Renters Beware:  You WILL be transformed by your stay here so surrender and enjoy!

Judy and John - Ohio



We really enjoyed our stay at the lodge!  What a delightful and interesting home!  Great bathrooms.  It is a great location.  We love Ann Arbor!  Thank you so much,

Mindy, Greg and Carrie - New Mexico



We loved staying here in your home!  Thank you for the  hospitality and cozy place for us to stay during the Michigan vs. University of Colorado game.  We are a Buff family, but now have one UofM grad by marriage.  It was a good game despite the wolverine victory.  We enjoyed Ann Arbor and all of the friendly people here!

Thank you from the Woodson/Banker Family - Colorado

PS.  My favorite of all your beautiful drawings was the girl with her coffee and yellow cup!


We loved staying here at your Himalayan Lodge.  The house is warm and cozy and you made us feel right at home.  We stayed four nights moving our college freshman into her dorm.  It was wonderful arriving back at the Lodge after a day of shopping, moving, making decisions, etc.  I especially appreciated the prayer flags over the bed.  I felt well taken care of!  Also Love the artwork!  And the little laminated explanations of each piece of art.  My favorite is the dog and how he came to be in Ann Arbor.  We look forward to another stay when we are here in Ann Arbor again!

Karen, Paul, Nicole - California



It was cool staying here!  Really liked the bunk beds and the turtle.  And it honked also.  Liked the drum so did my dad and sister.  Bye.

From Cordelia (7) - Texas



We loved staying here for the week before our daughter’s wedding.  The location was perfect for all the pre-wedding errands and for the actual event which was on campus only 10 minutes away.  Staying here a week gave us time to explore the house and we found new fascinating things each day.  Thank you for stocking the house so well.  Every time we needed something we just had to look — and there it was.  Finally I want you to know that my seven year old granddaughters thought this was the coolest house ever.  They especially loved the drums, the porch swing, and the sea turtle that squawks when you hug him.

Kathy and Rick - Texas



We enjoyed staying in your unique house.  We were never bored as there was no shortage of interesting things to look at.  We had an amazing stay at the Himalayan Lodge and hope everyone who comes here agrees.

PS.  I loved all the cat stuff in this house!  So cute!!  Of feline interest.

Sophie(10), Michael (12), Eve - Rode Island



Thank you for a comfortable house and all of your kind support.  We especially appreciated the vast array of children’s toys, videos, books and furniture.  It helped out enormously with our 3-month-old and three-year-old grandsons whom we watched this month.  We will certainly make this our “stop” in Ann Arbor in the future.

Chris and Bonnie - New York



Thanks for a great weekend - Graduation 2016.  Go Blue!

Michele - Massachussets


We’ve had a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for sharing this treasure with us.  First time in Ann Arbor.  Love it.  We’ll be back!  We’ll spread the good word in Yooper Land!

Donna, Larry, Tim, Heather, Ayden and Lily - Upper Peninsula, Michigan



We enjoyed our stay so much.  The house is so comfortable and a perfect place for family gatherings!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy Ann Arbor during X-mas / New Years.  It was wonderful!

Ellie, Miguel, Atalaya - Connecticut



Dear whoever lives here - this house is freakin’ awesome.  I love UR house ant thx for letting us rent it.  The snow is awesome!

Leila (10) - California



Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.  We enjoyed the lovely Himalayan photographs and fabrics, as well as telling us so much about yourself through your art.  Touring your shop with you and understanding your deep connection to the Himalayas was special.  We hope to stay here again in the near future!

Helen and Mark - New York



Thank you for sharing your wonderful, art filled house with us.  I loved drinking my morning tea while looking at all the photos and drawings.  If we come back to Ann Arbor, we would definitely stay here again!

Kathy, Steve, Sarah - Ohio



Thank you for sharing your wonderful house with us!  We got to relive A2 charm and enjoy time with friends.

Brad, Timothy, Elena, Jennifer - Washington



Thank you for making such a wonderful home available to others.  Our visit allowed 3 generations to be together for a family wedding.  The love you have for others and the world was felt here in your home.  If we come back to Ann Arbor, we will book your home again.

Vicky, Michael, Alex, Mary - Illinois



What a delight to be able to stay here once again.  In ten years nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.  I so enjoyed our visit.  We enjoyed the house!  Your presence is everywhere and it's lovely.  We will stay in touch.

Heather - Kansas



A colorful, quiet, zen house, we thoroughly enjoyed.  Its spirit somehow got into us.  Thank you for a wonderful stay at the Himalayan Lodge!

Nayla - Utah



How could we not come back!  This is an oasis of peace in a bustling city.  Thank you for everything.

Debra, Russell - Michigan



Thank you so much for sharing this delightful home with our family.  It was such a joy to get to be right next to family over Christmas.  Ann Arbor is such a fun town.  You may see us again someday!



Thanks for sharing your home with us.  Ann Arbor gave us a full autumn show.  Maybe next time we'll actually meet in person!  We enjoyed your shop as well and I realized I've been there many times.  Perhaps we have met on a previous visit after all.

Liath, Ed, April and George - Texas



Loved staying here - especially the front porch and mermaid bathroom!  Great house, great stay!

Bob - Virginia



Thank you for a great stay in Ann Arbor!  This was the perfect house to stay with our toddler son - and it was very kind of you to set up the pack-n-play for him.  Hopefully we'll be able to do a repeat trip sometime soon.

Caroline - Ohio



We came up from North Carolina for the Applachian State/Michigan game.  Great house and great location.  Walked everywhere we needed to go.  Took a side trip to Cleveland to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Well worth the trip and loved the Cleveland waterfront.  Ann Arbor is a great college town.  Your house was perfect.  Thanks.

Greg - North Carolina



Thank you so much for a great stay in Ann Arbor!  We loved being so close to downtown and we took advantage of the great weather to walk there.  We thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of your artwork and photos and reading your descriptions.  You are a very talented artist!  I especially liked the ones that included animals.  I found this mermaid children's book at a yard sale and just had to pick it up for you!  I hope some future Himalayan Lodge guests will enjoy it.  A special thank you for bringing over the chair cushions. They were perfect and they allowed my mother-in-law to be raised up to a good height so it was easier for her to stand up after sitting.  We'll definitely recommend the Lodge to others.

Christine, Michael - New York



We had a wonderful time here.  A lovely house and a really excellent location.  We look forward to coming back again in the future.

James, Leslie - Toronto



We had a wonderful time here in Ann Arbor.  We came in for the Manchester United/Real Madrid soccer match at the UofM Stadium.  What an amazing experience!!!  We went to Jackson, Chelsea, Manchester and Detroit on our visit.  Thanks again!!

Jill, Dustin - Texas



We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Lodge!  A very convenient location for downtown and the university.  Our 3-year olds felt right at home the minute they entered the house, and they enjoyed all the toys immensely.  it's a lovely house with a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.  We very much enjoyed the connection the history folder gave us to the house!

Tina - Germany



Thank you so much for working with us on a last minute basis to stay here.  This was the perfect setting for my son to recover from surgery.  Your home is lovely.  As a lover of old homes, I enjoyed the history binder and I also really loved your art!  I really appreciate your kindness.

Deb - North Carolina



We loved our stay at the Himalayan Lodge!  It was the perfect location for the Ann Arbor Folk Fest.  Our daughter loved all the toys.  Thanks so much!

Ellen, Matthew, Olivia, Neal and Bianka - Ohio



Thanks for having us at the Himalayan Lodge to ring in the New Year.  We came to Ann Arbor for the Winter Classic hockey game, but also enjoyed exploring downtown as well as going to Detroit for a day. 

Steve, Josh, Tim and Jaime - Toronto



We had a very relaxing couple of days at the Lodge.  Everything was so peaceful.  We went into the downtown area to see Philomena, then enjoyed a German dinner at Metzger's and came "home" for an evening of reading - so relaxing!  Thanks for everything!

Mary Kay, Bridget and Peter - Illinois



We loved our 10 days at the lodge.  Thanks for such a cozy, warm home!  Onwards to a great 2014.  We're powered up, thanks to our relaxing stay.

Carter and Matt - London



Thank you for ensuring our Thanksgiving family reunion was successful, though my daughter-in-law has not yet given birth.  We played several games, experienced Ann Arbor, did the Turkey Trot and cheered 'Go Blue' at the game Saturday.  Our mermaid count climbed steadily throughout our stay.

Shevonne, Pat, Corey, Kyra and Destyni - Vermont



Thank you so much for opening your Himalayan home for us to enjoy.  We came in for the Michigan vs Nebraska game (Go Blue!), but sadly, blue fell short.  What a wonderful, comfortable, interesting place to stay.  We learned while we were here, so cool!  Enjoy, take care, until next time !!

Fred, Stacey, Jason and Becky - Colorado



Thank you for having us!  Yours is such a warm and unique and lovely place.  We loved staying here and calling it our Ann Arbor home.  Living with your very personal paintings/Himalayan [photos]/mermaids was a privlege plus fun.  Thank you for your warm hospitality, suggestions, help and bell playing assistance.  :)

Regula - Germany



We all - young and old - enjoyed our stay.  Our highest compliments.  We plan to return.

Kris - Ohio



Thank you so so much for letting us stay at the Himalayan Lodge.  It was very fun.  I like your drawings.  Zoe (10)  Thank you for letting us stay in the Himalayan Lodge.  My favorite drawing was the swimmers.  It is a very nice house.  I learned about Mt. Everest in preschool.  Willa (7)  Thank you for letting us stay in the house.  I loved the house.  It was a great house.  I loved the pictures.  Tess (7)

As you can see our family LOVED the Himalayan Lodge!  How fortunate we have been to call your house "home" in Ann Arbor.  I know that we will be back again.  Thank you for your hospitality and kindness!

Betsy - Saint Paul, MN



Thank you for a wonderful stay.  We were very comfortable and loved the porch swing and stars!  Hope to be back soon!

Claire - New York



Our stay here has been most enjoyable.  We feel this is our “home away from home” and we have made the most of our visit.  Our 2 and 1/2 year old grandson loves to come for the day and play with the toys and eat at the picnic table.  He was very sad to know we were leaving the “hotel”.  Thank you for providing such a warm and cozy place and for sharing your life (through pictures) with us.  We will return.

Gretchen - New York



We have loved our stay at the Himalayan Lodge!  Not only was I able to reminisce about the days when I lived in Ann Arbor, but now I am inspired to travel to Nepal!  We all love the character and charm of the house, and the location is perfect.  I hope to make this a regular destination when we come to Ann Arbor in the future.

Michelle - California



Thank you very much for a lovely place to stay.  It gave me a relaxing and comfortable place to stay during the stress of my father’s surgery.  He is doing well and we are able to breathe a sigh of relief.  Thank you again!

Sandee - Pennsylvania



Thank you for having such a lovely and warm house.  We came as four total strangers and left immediately at home and relaxed.  This place has such a warm and loving energy!  Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

Many blessings,

Michelle - Texas



Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

My mother and brother came to visit and this was the perfect place to stay and explore from in Ann Arbor!  So close to everything.  We loved the charming decorations and it was so cool to hear about the history of the house - what a unique visit and more things to love about A2!  Cheers and thanks.

Alan - Ohio


August 19, 2023

Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful home!  We really enjoyed playing the bells and looking at all the pictures and souvenirs from your various trips!  The piano was very nice and we loved the squeaky turtle!  We enjoyed the limerick on the wall and had a great time playing card games!  Even though our stay was short, it was very special, especially because of the thoughtful details and comforts sprinkled all around the house.  So glad we found your gem of a home!

— Krishnamurthy Family, Pennsylvania

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